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There are forces in the universe
too hidden to be detected
too secret to be acknowledged

There are conspiracies
too vast to be uncovered
too deadly to be pursued

But now
stirring within the shadows
are those who will defy principle and belief
to accomplish
what no one else would dare

"semper intra umbra"

Prepare yourself to enter the covert side of Starfleet....

Protecting the Federation from within the shadows since October 1, 1996

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Bravo Squad Elite Force: Formerly named Bravo Epsilon Seven, this is the elite team in Shadow Ops. Only the best players from the other games (Bravo Squad is the only current game running) are considered for a position in Bravo Squad and only if there is a position available. They are currently deployed out of Starbase Umbra One with the USS Intruder-A, a Defiant class refit, at their disposal.

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