Star Trek: Shadow Operations

Site Awards and Notable Mentions

03/29/00 - We've been given the April 2000 "Honoree" Award for sophistication from the Inner Light Lounge.

11/29/99 - Shadow Operations received the UFED RPO site award for excellence in design and easy to navigate format. Yay!  Our FIRST award! I think we're getting noticed more because in the past 8 months I've been submitting the site to search engines and webrings, hoping to bring in more players. It's finally coming to fruition!

11/25/99 - Shadow Operations is listed as one of the top six PBEMs on the internet in the newly published The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers by James R. Flowers, Jr.. We're on page 148. Yee ha!

10/01/99 - Shadow Operations was spotlighted in this month's issue of The Captain's Log! We got a good review!

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